Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Press is picking a President

Adults are meant to be grownups. What does this mean in modern society? It seems to me that over the past year I have seen nothing but politics played with psychological success. People are listening to the idea of “what have you done for me lately”

This election shows us continually just how much people are not really aware of what they are listening to. Fear tactics work, and the media is there to continually show us this fear just to remind us of what we need. It amazes me what power the media has.People continue to state they want to be free and allowed to think for themselves, yet with all the research available to them, very few bother to stop and consider more than what they hear on tv.

This election is not about 2 men fighting over which one is right. The media allows for all of us to be grander than we are, or less. I must admit . . . the media has not been fair in its processing of either person, yet its bias is very open for everyone to see.

Passion and truth is what I like to believe in. In reading both sides of the stories, I feel I have pieced together what each candidate is going to do. And in writing my thoughts, I have come to understand this much:

Republicans will take money and give it to corporations to invest in it. Within this idea is to hire people and to find ways to balance their budgets. If the republicans would take the initiative to tax these business a bit more, then they would find a value the democrats could live with. People don’t understand this. The media should spend its time sharing the truth with the public. Why are we not hearing of the negatives from some of these plans?The media already knows what the consequences of each plan are, and they are not stating what they know. We are hearing of how great Obama is and how much he is going to change the face of politics today. Has anyone stopped to think . . . if Obama were white, would he be allowed to do all of this?

I have spent time researching each candidate, and although I don’t like either vice president elect, I do believe with the research I have done, that the media is scrutinizing all they can for their own agenda. It amazes me that when we look at all that has happened in our society, people are no longer allowed to be people, they are puppets within a system. And, within this system, we create change all the time. Regardless of the affects on the general population, the press continues to place the hopes and dreams of people on the shoulders of their politicians. This may be something the public wants yet they do so with trust of the press and believe all they are told. Do your own research, and pick the person that is right for you. It took me time to do so, but in taking this time, I have found what I need to be informed and what I can expect. Yes, it may be possible for my choice to go completely off the deep end and change his agenda, we all do that. This is why we have a system of checks and balances.

Trusting the system is a great idea, until the whole system becomes broken. In this election, if you are going to vote, please make the educated choice for each member of your district, including the president. It is important to balance the system, and not let the press to do it for you.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Is a political Fairy Tale Possible?

Looking around Florida right now, one can see misery, anger; animosity and every other negative emotion man can come up with. Being a teacher, it is my job to take a step back and wonder what has happened and where things may be going. In review of this past year, I have to really ponder what is going on within this State and the USA as a whole. Where is the disconnect?

People live in this country with the idea of it being great. Yet, who honestly takes the time to consider why it may be so great? For the past few years, I constantly hear how awful the government is. Maybe so, but why are people not standing up to say "enough"?!

People, it is you that I have a problem with. We, as people of the world have a right to ourselves to learn. Yet, it is what we choose not to do that frustrates me. For the past several years I have taught in the high school level, collegiate level and in the private sector. In each environment, people don't want to put the effort into learning something new. Well if you are not willing to take the time to learn, why should anyone else? In using this example, we come to understand slightly better why government is running the way it is. There is no-one willing to step in and say no.

Florida has a governor that found it possible to openly lie to the people of his State, and share with them what a money saving facet Amendment 1 would be. He got on a bus and drove from city to city asking people to vote for it. He knew before he did this, that within the fine print, people would end up losing more money than they were gaining. How you may ask, simple….when the bill goes into effect, the municipalities stop receiving funding. This means, you and I, the general population have to cover the difference. Yes we save $250 .. taxes, but lose $500 in paying for new services. Why does it seem as if this is abuse and yet no one is standing up to oppose him? How was this bill ever approved for general population vote? And why did the general population not read it before voting?

What are you people afraid of? The corporations are running us afoul, and the insurance industry is taking whatever may be left over so we as a population have nothing left to give.

People in Florida and every State in America need to stand up and say enough. This is not 1775 and a time for fighting the British due to their abuse, this is 2008 and an independent America. Each day looks more like the history stories and not like the glory of a nation. Let's all stand up and make a fight for what is right. Change the anger, misery and animosity into a positive lifestyle.

And while you are at it, find a way to enjoy learning. Being the couch potato is not going to help anyone. Another thing, while you are learning, perhaps people need a refresher in being out on the streets without a job. This May 2008 we got the chance to witness 49,000 jobs in May ( being removed. This November, lets go to the polls and have a say. You have all waited 4 years to let your State, your country and the world know what you think. Take the time to educate yourself on all the candidates.(President, Senate, House, State Leadership) positions and vote accordingly.

Letter to the Government of Florida

To the Government of Florida.
In reference to the State Budget and other cost cutting measures that have been mentioned in the press and through e-mails, I am writing this letter to make a formal complaint.
It has come to my attention that the State is continuing to cut funds from necessary environments due to loss of funds, yet is not taking any measures to cut from itself first. The institution of Government is funded by the people, and is meant to provide services for the people within the democratic process. Although on paper this seems to be the norm, at this time it is not so.

Over the past few months we, as a population in Florida, have continued to hear how the budget is being hurt by the housing crunch. We all feel for the people that are being affected, and can understand the plight of the people. What we as a population deserve is more honest communication. Government analysts have to know history repeats itself and should have kept a reserve of monies for just this kind of situation. Furthermore, how many of the people in the political positions today, found their way there thanks to the very people they are destroying now.

Let's begin with education, and how the budget crunch is affecting the whole system within the State. How can you folks sit there and just keep cutting funds without repercussions to yourselves. This is an atrocity.The governor offered Amendment 1 to the ballot and stated openly there would be no cuts, and yet this has not been the case. I am hearing constantly how the budget is being cut since people are leaving the State and we have less income. Perhaps you are sharing that with the public, yet I would like to know how truthful this comment is, since the schools are truly not shrinking in student population. Adding to this, tourism in Florida is steady and our living expenses have already doubled for most items, if not tripled.

As for education, you have cut monies from the budget this year and removed teachers and administrators from positions for which they worked hard to achieve. In some places you have forced school systems to move teachers out of field, and or to a different grade level. How is this positive and creating a healthy environment for our State which already struggles with many other educational needs? We as educators on the front line see more than all of you sitting up on your chairs just how difficult it is to teach today's youth. Many people may mention that the teachers are not helping, and do cut the budget. I say how dare you. In fact, I say to you, stop virtual schools, and all the grants you are giving to random experiments, and go back to the roots of teaching. When educators are working for their jobs, and the students, along with their parents are responsible for the advancement of the child, then you will see the advancement of the State's education program. When is the State going to stop mandating its own power through bias and listen to more than just themselves.

Teachers are being fired both on the higher end and the lower end, when in essence a lower teacher to student ratio finds huge success. The State has lowered its budget for local and State programs, when it is most needed. Rather than cut programs which are of little or no need, there are riders attached to bills. The State is continuing in removing necessary programs. I am still curious as to the purpose of this.

Reviewing education and the budget issues that we know of, why is it the State views removal of jobs and the cutting of a budget the only way to move forward. It was the State that offered us the monies up front, and rather than just leave us at the same dollar amount, you are all taking it upon yourselves to save us today, and in essence destroying us for tomorrow. Florida as a State is young and trying hard to move forward. There is a lot of good that has been happening in education here over the past few years, and now, with one fowl swoop the State is going to ruin it.

With all the programs that are out there, and with the new world that the Baby Boomers helped to create, it is now upon you, the government to find a positive way out of this. Remove Amendment 1 and allocate the funds back to the local governments, find more monies necessary to help the people of the State and move us forward in the 21st century and not backwards in time.

It's high time we stopped teaching college like elementary school!

Professor/Teacher A Wrote
"There is a lot of factual information that I really don't think my intro psych students need to know in order to demonstrate competence, so I don't bother with that stuff. I focus a lot of class time and assessments on broader goals, such as critical thinking, communication, diversity, and problemsolving. I want students to think critically about psychology, and therefore my exercises and assessments are developed to assess their critical thinking skills in light of psychological issues and topics. These broader goals that I've mentioned can be taught, practiced, and assessed in class. And the great thing about them is that those skills will transfer to other courses and to real life. Now if that's the kind of stuff that has more meaning to an instructor than trivial information from the textbook, then the instructor should develop exercises and assessments to measure it. Then the grade will have meaning."

Professor/Teacher B Replied
"To my ears this sounds like you are just pandering to the desires of students to not have to learn anything!!!"

My Comments
I have to agree here..This is just pandering. I'm so tired of this concept in altering education through student desires, rather than professional needs. What background do students have when and if they get into college/graduate school? How can one individual make the executive decision that the facts of any course is trivial?! Where did the knowledge within the entire world that we live in come from? I’m going to take an educated gander and say from those that read and learn extensively. That of course is just an opinion of an educator that reads extensively.People who were critical thinkers, understood diversity, and could problem solve? I'm sorry, but until I see the data that a better education is found by not reading, and just using thinking skills then I may be willing to alter the educational needs of people. The concept of education is to enhance the prior knowledge a person has when they are done with your course. My students seem to all say (and I'd love to see data on this) that they cannot memorize things? Is this simply because we have stopped asking them to do it? Students used to complain about it and so we just tossed it with no real evidence that this new system really works. Where did Darwin get his ideas from? Descartes? Wundt? Watson? Skinner? Just by being critical thinkers and good problem solvers? No, they read and learned this philosophy and scientific thought of their time and times prior by reading, studying, learning and reading some more….It's time to make people start memorizing again! And it's time to stop people from going to college that don't really care. It should not be the 13th through 16th grade of high school!Just wait... I'm confident that at this rate we'll either all be taking soma and saluting big brother when the uneducated product of today's system comes of age, or things WILL start falling apart. In other words, either people who do value education will take advantage of those who don't and help to create 1984 in its entirety…. or civilization will grind to a halt under the weight of complete incompetence!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Are they Really Problems?

Are they really problems - Written March 1st 2008

What are really the problems we have to face all the time. If we can learn to value that all situations are valid in their context, then perhaps we can remove the idea of problems, being just a problem. In reality, the bad kid who is in the class, may not be bad when placed in the right situation. In reading the comments in Time Magazine this week and hearing what the President has to say about teaching; Im really frustrated. (,8599,1713174,00.html)
Teachers and other people in society are stuck in this belief of problems..
Well, aint this just a peachy planet to live in now. How come we are all now problems, and not wonderful people with a few issues we need to work through. Our nation (culture) has become stuck in the world of psychology and problems. When I get to meet someone, do I really want to know what is wrong with them.
How long till we walk around with our lables.
*I am add* - No you are not.. grow up and get over your label
*I am bi polar* No you are are moody. You are allowed control them
*I am Depressed* Once again.. get over it. Nothing is really that troubling that you cant get over it.
Insert more problems here.....then realise.. you probably dont have it........I hear on a daily basis of how much pain each person has in their lives. Each excuse alleviates the person from another responsibility. Fine, I will admit I have have had to get over some things in my life, but never did I view them as a problem. To me it was a challenge and when I got over it, I was in control, and proud of myself. What about you..what have you done for.. well you lately.
Problems. All of these problems that you want to have (yes want to) are really extremely unhealthy and something you dont want. It sounds good..somewhat like the elementary student that wants braces until he/she gets them. The reality is...if we want to live in a healthy world, then make yourself healthy. Your mind is what needs to be healthy, and your body follows through from this.
Come on people, lets come back to a society of acceptance. Learn to understand we are responsible for ourselves, and that labeling us with a problem is not a positive. It is simply a real problem. Grow up, get over your own chosen excuses and go make forth your own history.