Friday, June 6, 2008

Are they Really Problems?

Are they really problems - Written March 1st 2008

What are really the problems we have to face all the time. If we can learn to value that all situations are valid in their context, then perhaps we can remove the idea of problems, being just a problem. In reality, the bad kid who is in the class, may not be bad when placed in the right situation. In reading the comments in Time Magazine this week and hearing what the President has to say about teaching; Im really frustrated. (,8599,1713174,00.html)
Teachers and other people in society are stuck in this belief of problems..
Well, aint this just a peachy planet to live in now. How come we are all now problems, and not wonderful people with a few issues we need to work through. Our nation (culture) has become stuck in the world of psychology and problems. When I get to meet someone, do I really want to know what is wrong with them.
How long till we walk around with our lables.
*I am add* - No you are not.. grow up and get over your label
*I am bi polar* No you are are moody. You are allowed control them
*I am Depressed* Once again.. get over it. Nothing is really that troubling that you cant get over it.
Insert more problems here.....then realise.. you probably dont have it........I hear on a daily basis of how much pain each person has in their lives. Each excuse alleviates the person from another responsibility. Fine, I will admit I have have had to get over some things in my life, but never did I view them as a problem. To me it was a challenge and when I got over it, I was in control, and proud of myself. What about you..what have you done for.. well you lately.
Problems. All of these problems that you want to have (yes want to) are really extremely unhealthy and something you dont want. It sounds good..somewhat like the elementary student that wants braces until he/she gets them. The reality is...if we want to live in a healthy world, then make yourself healthy. Your mind is what needs to be healthy, and your body follows through from this.
Come on people, lets come back to a society of acceptance. Learn to understand we are responsible for ourselves, and that labeling us with a problem is not a positive. It is simply a real problem. Grow up, get over your own chosen excuses and go make forth your own history.

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