Saturday, June 7, 2008

Is a political Fairy Tale Possible?

Looking around Florida right now, one can see misery, anger; animosity and every other negative emotion man can come up with. Being a teacher, it is my job to take a step back and wonder what has happened and where things may be going. In review of this past year, I have to really ponder what is going on within this State and the USA as a whole. Where is the disconnect?

People live in this country with the idea of it being great. Yet, who honestly takes the time to consider why it may be so great? For the past few years, I constantly hear how awful the government is. Maybe so, but why are people not standing up to say "enough"?!

People, it is you that I have a problem with. We, as people of the world have a right to ourselves to learn. Yet, it is what we choose not to do that frustrates me. For the past several years I have taught in the high school level, collegiate level and in the private sector. In each environment, people don't want to put the effort into learning something new. Well if you are not willing to take the time to learn, why should anyone else? In using this example, we come to understand slightly better why government is running the way it is. There is no-one willing to step in and say no.

Florida has a governor that found it possible to openly lie to the people of his State, and share with them what a money saving facet Amendment 1 would be. He got on a bus and drove from city to city asking people to vote for it. He knew before he did this, that within the fine print, people would end up losing more money than they were gaining. How you may ask, simple….when the bill goes into effect, the municipalities stop receiving funding. This means, you and I, the general population have to cover the difference. Yes we save $250 .. taxes, but lose $500 in paying for new services. Why does it seem as if this is abuse and yet no one is standing up to oppose him? How was this bill ever approved for general population vote? And why did the general population not read it before voting?

What are you people afraid of? The corporations are running us afoul, and the insurance industry is taking whatever may be left over so we as a population have nothing left to give.

People in Florida and every State in America need to stand up and say enough. This is not 1775 and a time for fighting the British due to their abuse, this is 2008 and an independent America. Each day looks more like the history stories and not like the glory of a nation. Let's all stand up and make a fight for what is right. Change the anger, misery and animosity into a positive lifestyle.

And while you are at it, find a way to enjoy learning. Being the couch potato is not going to help anyone. Another thing, while you are learning, perhaps people need a refresher in being out on the streets without a job. This May 2008 we got the chance to witness 49,000 jobs in May ( being removed. This November, lets go to the polls and have a say. You have all waited 4 years to let your State, your country and the world know what you think. Take the time to educate yourself on all the candidates.(President, Senate, House, State Leadership) positions and vote accordingly.

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