Saturday, June 7, 2008

Letter to the Government of Florida

To the Government of Florida.
In reference to the State Budget and other cost cutting measures that have been mentioned in the press and through e-mails, I am writing this letter to make a formal complaint.
It has come to my attention that the State is continuing to cut funds from necessary environments due to loss of funds, yet is not taking any measures to cut from itself first. The institution of Government is funded by the people, and is meant to provide services for the people within the democratic process. Although on paper this seems to be the norm, at this time it is not so.

Over the past few months we, as a population in Florida, have continued to hear how the budget is being hurt by the housing crunch. We all feel for the people that are being affected, and can understand the plight of the people. What we as a population deserve is more honest communication. Government analysts have to know history repeats itself and should have kept a reserve of monies for just this kind of situation. Furthermore, how many of the people in the political positions today, found their way there thanks to the very people they are destroying now.

Let's begin with education, and how the budget crunch is affecting the whole system within the State. How can you folks sit there and just keep cutting funds without repercussions to yourselves. This is an atrocity.The governor offered Amendment 1 to the ballot and stated openly there would be no cuts, and yet this has not been the case. I am hearing constantly how the budget is being cut since people are leaving the State and we have less income. Perhaps you are sharing that with the public, yet I would like to know how truthful this comment is, since the schools are truly not shrinking in student population. Adding to this, tourism in Florida is steady and our living expenses have already doubled for most items, if not tripled.

As for education, you have cut monies from the budget this year and removed teachers and administrators from positions for which they worked hard to achieve. In some places you have forced school systems to move teachers out of field, and or to a different grade level. How is this positive and creating a healthy environment for our State which already struggles with many other educational needs? We as educators on the front line see more than all of you sitting up on your chairs just how difficult it is to teach today's youth. Many people may mention that the teachers are not helping, and do cut the budget. I say how dare you. In fact, I say to you, stop virtual schools, and all the grants you are giving to random experiments, and go back to the roots of teaching. When educators are working for their jobs, and the students, along with their parents are responsible for the advancement of the child, then you will see the advancement of the State's education program. When is the State going to stop mandating its own power through bias and listen to more than just themselves.

Teachers are being fired both on the higher end and the lower end, when in essence a lower teacher to student ratio finds huge success. The State has lowered its budget for local and State programs, when it is most needed. Rather than cut programs which are of little or no need, there are riders attached to bills. The State is continuing in removing necessary programs. I am still curious as to the purpose of this.

Reviewing education and the budget issues that we know of, why is it the State views removal of jobs and the cutting of a budget the only way to move forward. It was the State that offered us the monies up front, and rather than just leave us at the same dollar amount, you are all taking it upon yourselves to save us today, and in essence destroying us for tomorrow. Florida as a State is young and trying hard to move forward. There is a lot of good that has been happening in education here over the past few years, and now, with one fowl swoop the State is going to ruin it.

With all the programs that are out there, and with the new world that the Baby Boomers helped to create, it is now upon you, the government to find a positive way out of this. Remove Amendment 1 and allocate the funds back to the local governments, find more monies necessary to help the people of the State and move us forward in the 21st century and not backwards in time.

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