Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Press is picking a President

Adults are meant to be grownups. What does this mean in modern society? It seems to me that over the past year I have seen nothing but politics played with psychological success. People are listening to the idea of “what have you done for me lately”

This election shows us continually just how much people are not really aware of what they are listening to. Fear tactics work, and the media is there to continually show us this fear just to remind us of what we need. It amazes me what power the media has.People continue to state they want to be free and allowed to think for themselves, yet with all the research available to them, very few bother to stop and consider more than what they hear on tv.

This election is not about 2 men fighting over which one is right. The media allows for all of us to be grander than we are, or less. I must admit . . . the media has not been fair in its processing of either person, yet its bias is very open for everyone to see.

Passion and truth is what I like to believe in. In reading both sides of the stories, I feel I have pieced together what each candidate is going to do. And in writing my thoughts, I have come to understand this much:

Republicans will take money and give it to corporations to invest in it. Within this idea is to hire people and to find ways to balance their budgets. If the republicans would take the initiative to tax these business a bit more, then they would find a value the democrats could live with. People don’t understand this. The media should spend its time sharing the truth with the public. Why are we not hearing of the negatives from some of these plans?The media already knows what the consequences of each plan are, and they are not stating what they know. We are hearing of how great Obama is and how much he is going to change the face of politics today. Has anyone stopped to think . . . if Obama were white, would he be allowed to do all of this?

I have spent time researching each candidate, and although I don’t like either vice president elect, I do believe with the research I have done, that the media is scrutinizing all they can for their own agenda. It amazes me that when we look at all that has happened in our society, people are no longer allowed to be people, they are puppets within a system. And, within this system, we create change all the time. Regardless of the affects on the general population, the press continues to place the hopes and dreams of people on the shoulders of their politicians. This may be something the public wants yet they do so with trust of the press and believe all they are told. Do your own research, and pick the person that is right for you. It took me time to do so, but in taking this time, I have found what I need to be informed and what I can expect. Yes, it may be possible for my choice to go completely off the deep end and change his agenda, we all do that. This is why we have a system of checks and balances.

Trusting the system is a great idea, until the whole system becomes broken. In this election, if you are going to vote, please make the educated choice for each member of your district, including the president. It is important to balance the system, and not let the press to do it for you.