Wednesday, April 29, 2009

County Workers Health Insurance

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State Workers receive great benefits and the school system gets around this through being county workers. Opening the door for people to pay their own insurance will begin a system in which it will not stop. I am aware that many of the private sector will state that they have to pay insurance, so I share with you this: Teachers are still government workers and this is one of the benefits that has been offered to government employees to offset the lower pay. There is a fair and righteous system out there, why can't the County and the State government step in and help out. There should be a system in place for each government worker to remain healthy and cared for, to continue the growth of our educational system.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today’s Adolescents

In a world of Hyper Sexualized media, instant gratification and absolute reality, how does a person learn to function.
For those of us born on the bubble of this time frame, I am coming to learn we may have the easiest time adapting for the in between stages.
It seems that the more people I talk with that are older find my understanding of Adolescent's and their behavior far too tolerant.
I grew up with a beeper, then a pager and then onto a cell phone. Today children miss the beeper, move to the Wi-Fi cell phone. Much of my research over the past few years has led me to understand that this means a faster, more needed response to one another, and added stress due to communication gaps.
Today, we live in a world in which Reality is instant; it changes every few minutes, hours and sometimes days. Our brains are learning to restructure, almost as fast as the modern pc does.

Society is amazed at what they see on their local news station. I wander why they are so amazed. We have lost control of time, place and person. Each person is an individual now, with nothing more than words to change their mind. Language is power and offers us the norms of culture. For the modern adolescent, techno speak and text messaging is the new language. The effort we need to make is perhaps educate ourselves in the stressors they go through in order to understand that much more. Adolescent's behavior is not wrong, it is just very different.

In another view, parents today are washing their hands with adolescents. People are not mentally older, but they are becoming socially older at a younger age due to having to survive. Many parents are working late at night or bringing work home, others are just too tired to help when they get home. This is a new version of the individualized society. As the adolescent grow, mature and face a very fast paced world of change and reality, so it should be the responsibility of the parents and the system to help where appropriate. Parents should be parents and learn how to help out their own child at all phases of life. Teachers should be teachers, and allowed to work as such. Offering care is important, but there is now an expectation of Teachers as parents with some teaching. This is something that needs to change and find balance. Students need to be students and learn from a young age to have respect for themselves, their family and their environment.

If we can find a way to bring balance back to our society, we may be able to find our way back into a positive cycle that much faster.