Thursday, February 4, 2010

Choices - It is as smile as ?

Negotiations use part of our inner being in order to find a balance. Introductory Psychology shares with us that perception builds inwards from the day we are born. These perceptions are valid as they build upon social stereotypes. Nine years ago, a group of people flew planes into a building. An immediate stereotype was born into the minds of unknown American families. This simple concept was created through selective perception which validated itself over and over. The validation was created by a media frenzy who found a group to blame.

I have often wondered what would have occurred if the media was not involved. Even consider that without the media there would not have been any planes flying into buildings. Research shows us that when we watch television, we have to be emotionally involved in some manner.

People are involved with emotional negotiation all the time. If I enjoy what I am doing, then I will have a desire to do it over and over again. If there is an anxiety toward an action I will do what I can to stop it. The manner in which society frames concepts leads directly to my inner negotiator. If I like it, I buy into it, if I don’t I fight it.
Choices..simple as that

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