Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Health Insurance and the Republic

"The lawsuit challenges the mandate that everyone buy health insurance or face a fine. Republicans call it an unprecedented federal intrusion into individual and states' rights. Big Government is forcing you to buy a service from a private provider, whether you want to or not. "The U.S. Constitution grants no authority to Congress to compel citizens to purchase health insurance when those citizens choose not to enter the health-care market." McCollum says.

Well if this is the case, then why wait till now to make this a public statement. Another issue I have is that I am mandated to buy the program. That is another way of using socialist medicine as a ruse, yet, why not do what England has done, and offer all medicine as a national plan. I will agree to 5% of my taxes going toward this. All companies other than the private insurance companies will be just fine, and there can still be competition within the private plan insurance which will now be required to have tighter books and maintain a stricter spending policy. If the rest of the industrialized world can work it out, I say to all the Congress people and the President, give up worrying about your election and do what is right. Create a fair system for all.

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