Friday, March 19, 2010

Teachers Unite for a Fair Education System

Merit Pay systems in education DO NOT work. 1) Rewarding teachers for the results of students who don't care is not a fair method. 2) When parents insist their child is capable and they are not, therefore failing a class is not specifically a teachers fault. 3) Students who choose to be lazy and refuse to do work is not fair to the teacher. What are they allowed to do in this situation? 4) Teachers who work with lower level students to begin with, are rewarded with some success, yet perhaps not the State's requirement. Teachers work with students of all levels, and it is time the State and Federal governments learned to realize this. Education starts at Home. If there is no parental support, or the child refuses to work, then what are teachers to do?

Using this same concept, I am going to suggest we pay our Congressmen based on Merit Pay. If they pass the bills we want them to, and do it in the manner we approve, then they get paid. If they fail to pass the bills exactly as we, the population desires it; they lose their job immediately, and do not get paid for their work. They are obviously failing the State of Florida in the exact same method that the teachers are failing the Students.

It is time everyone woke up from this dream of entitlement and began to accept responsibility. Stop blaming, and start working to the level of expectation.,0,5832782.story

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