Monday, March 15, 2010

Yes, we need Social Studies

My Comments from this article in the Paper today

This is needed in many ways. Although people in the country do not like Standardized tests, there is a value to them. And in the aspect of civics and history, it always irks me when students learn it for a test them forget it. It was asked online.. what about a teacher making the test, simple answer, teachers make it easy enough to pass. This will force the students to learn that the Government is created through an amazing history. People sit on here and whine about how unfair things are, well by knowing civics and learning the history of our land, how it operates etc, we prepare students for a future of success. English allows us to speak. Math offers us logic and concepts, Science teaches us that research and logic and spatial thought all matter. Social Studies is what is needed to truly have a voice and teach us to value humans as people and how we got to here. Without it, there would be no logic, or science etc etc. It is time to put a value on Social Studies and learning as a whole. Come on People, Let's do this.,0,2211975.story

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