Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Attention Mike Thomas – You are Wrong

Comments toward Mike Thomas

Mike - Jeb Bush had and has an agenda. So instead of removing affirmative action he instead places a hold for the top 20%.
Jeb Bush may not be the worst governor that we have had in this State, yet he does come close when education is involved. You did not mention that it was Jeb Bush that worked to try and stop the class size amendment. Jeb Bush is now working with State Senators to try and force through a merit pay system which will work to end education as you know it.
If the goal is to just get black and Hispanics into college, then Jeb did that. If the goal were to truly reform education properly and allow for equitable education for all, and to offer a balance where students in k-12 get fair opportunities to succeed, then he did not do that.

For black and Hispanics to succeed in High School and into college, education needs to become a priority within their culture. Jeb knows this and so do you. Perhaps he could spend his time working to build educational community centers in low socioeconomic environments. He can place learning centers in malls where people go to get help. He can enhance task forces around the State to mentor parents in the benefits of education.

He does none of these things; instead he blames teachers for his failures and desires only a private education for all. Public Education deserves the applause for its hard work and success.


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