Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Competition = Survival of the Fittest

With all due respect to The Federal and State Government: Since when did education become a competition that was so public. Grant money is designed to fund projects in a specific manner. If this is a grant, then outline the requirements. By making this a public stint, the Obama administration will come out as embarrassed losers and the States that buy into this plan will too. As I repeat over and over, education is designed to aid people in moving forward. The people that teach are the guides, and the Federal government holds the money. The State Governments offer the Standards for which educators and students are measured. Any more than that and you are trying to re-create a system. When re-creating a system it needs time to be measured and tested. Competition allows people to see the end result. Rarely do people see the time and effort of practice. Therefore, in competition, (Darwin) only the best survive. As an educator, if you make this into a competition, I would only want the brightest and the best, so that I am deemed the best teacher. The best coaches have the best athletes, the best teachers deserve the best students.

That is Darwinian Teaching and that is the desire of the Federal and State Government in creating this system.


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