Monday, April 5, 2010

Conservative national education expert opposes Florida’s teacher merit pay plan

Arguing over spilled milk is a playground stunt most of us never grow out of. We want what we want and there no one we are going to listen to until we get it. This seems to me, the mantra of the Tallahassee Republicans today. Jeb Bush has a business model for schools and wants to make a profit. Senator Thrasher is aligned with Jeb Bush and is working to single handedly destroy Public Florida education. I state Public as it is designed for all the people to receive a fair and equitable education.

Diane Ravitch is part of the brain trust behind NCLB. She recently stated publicly that NCLB is being handles incorrectly. I urge all readers to read her work, and her CV, then use that information in writing to Tallahassee. This woman has more years of experience and more knowledge in her head about education, than most of us posters combined.

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Grow up Tallahassee and listen to the people, this is how Rome fell. And this is how America beat the British...inappropriate politics.

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