Saturday, April 3, 2010

Florida Education Comments from recent Online Articles

Florida is not above average for reading or math when 55% of its students are not capable of passing the College placement Test.

The FCAT is our only measure and quite frankly the test is extremely basic in order for the majority of students to pass.

The SAT and ACT are valid and reliable, and Florida is not nationally competitive with this test. I repeat loudly, this is not teachers, this starts with Family, and then the State. You want accountability, stop pushing kids through. Find balance with lawyers. Let kids fail, they need to remain where they can learn the basics. Stop worrying solely about drop out statistics. You want kids to succeed take away drivers licenses, until they are passing at grade level. Make parents pay a tax for their failing students; I bet students will start to learn faster. Then blame Counties who are more worried about statistics than they are about the actual student. Finally, when teachers are not doing their job, administration either needs to be able to intercede. People blame teachers and Unions. This is a Parent/State situation first, then a County/Administration setup which is designed to fail. Finally it's the teachers/unions who are working to keep education moving forward. If a teacher is doing nothing, they can be removed, yet kids who do nothing cannot be. Teachers who work hard through their year and take the time to attend conferences in the summer may not be recognized, yet a student who is failing and does something right on one day, is rewarded. The system is designed for failure and needs to be revamped properly, not in the manner Jeb Bush and Senator Thrasher want to do it. And FYI - the Bush plans sends kids to private schools or charter schools which are not State Reviewed. The public schools have accountability, the others do not. And the research shares that highly ranked public educated students are just as successful as the expensive private school students.

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