Monday, April 5, 2010

Is forcing parents to become parents such a bad idea?

Comments in response to Mike Thomas Article Make Parents help Children Learn

Mike: This would be an interesting start in a direction. Perhaps we can maintain a systemic approach and add in the State in a more regulatory manner. The drivers license may work in high school. What about 1-10th grade prior.
Might I suggest we opt into Taxing parents for their failing students. The State believes it is all the teachers fault. In order to do so, a child who fails a grade causes a parent to pay for that repeated year. And while we are at this system of change, parents should assist at home where they can, and maintain a balance between homework, video games and family time.
I understand sports and other events are part of the balance, yet students are able to learn plays, then they are able to learn what teachers need to teach them. Being part of a systemic team helps...and Mike Thomas you are still welcome to teach my class for a week and see how you do.,0,4287288.column

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