Monday, April 5, 2010

Mount Dora doctor never dreamed the storm he created

I am curious, for those that are mad at him. Are you mad because he is now in the spotlight? Are you mad because he is taking a stand in something he believes in? Are you mad because he is being vocal? Etc etc. This man is making a choice, and his choice is to place a sign at his place of business and share his side of the story. We all get that choice, and in this manner, he is using the constitution to his benefit. I think you are just mad at this guy because he made a stubborn choice based on what he feels is an inappropriate bill.

Here is my thought on that bill. Everyone pays 5% Taxes toward healthcare and everyone is covered. Divvy up the Private insurance Companies and they can manage portions of the country. We all pay one set amount, 5% of our total income. And no loopholes either. 5%...and as for managed care, the system will be created with a concept of equity for all. Yes it is like Europe and Canada, and yes they have problems too. Yet the difference between medicine and politics is still trying to figure out roe v wade...,0,750525.story

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