Monday, April 26, 2010

A teacher knows how to teach.

The following link demonstrates the importance of valuing teachers

Jamee Miller's "I Am a Teacher" essay shows the true life of a teacher. I can honestly state to everyone who reads this, that what she writes is very real. She spends her own money, as do most teachers, in order to validate and grow their classroom material. The Counties and Governments have cut the spending to a minimal, and therefore many of us beg for discounts wherever we go in order to fund modern classrooms.

As for vacations, for those that believe summer is just a time to sit around and relax, find a good teacher and you will also find them working toward a better new year. Education is at the heart of every business. Consider that education is the R&D for every company. Improving the previous model over and over just to tweak it enough that success can be found.

Good teachers reinvent themselves all the time to perfect their craft. I do not believe that arguing with my doctor in how to best be a doctor would be within my best interest. The same would be said for a lawyer, accountant or any other profession for that matter. It is time that State legislatures learned to build teams to find best results for all, and not just follow an agenda paid to them by the highest bidder.

Teachers are creating a world which is adaptable for your children. We are not all the same, stop trying to make all people the same.
Thank you Jamee for spreading the word of truth within teaching.

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