Friday, April 9, 2010

When did Tallahassee become so close Minded?

There must be something the people in Tallahassee knows that the rest of the State is not truly aware

"Florida would become the first state in the nation to enact such a broadside on teacher tenure, which Republicans said would reward excellent teachers with higher salaries and get rid of a system that promotes mediocrity"
- There has never been talk that these bills would tied to teacher pay raises, just to merit pay which is a onetime bonus for doing a good job. This bonus is based on 1 Test which the student takes at the end of the year, and teachers are compared by a mathematical system among all State students in that class.
- Teachers in Florida have not had Tenure since 1982, the ignorance of Tallahassee and the Press continues to astound me.

"This is what I like about the bill…If you do a good job, you make more money," said Rep. Mike Horner, R -Kissimmee, arguing it would motivate teachers and have a "profound effect on the students in this state."
-What if I do a great job and the kid fails the end of year test, what if the child misses the test, what if? What if? Mr Horner, I feel you just passed awful legislation and this year you get no raise.

The legislative Republicans wanted to make a point. In November make the point back, Fire them ALL,0,2736075,full.story

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