Friday, May 14, 2010

Charter Schools get free pass based on beliefs

People are allowed to have beliefs. There is nothing wrong with believing in a concept. The problem between people and politicians is that the politicians and meant to carry out what is best for the people.

The power to create an education system which is said to be better than any other can only be validated by research and testing. At this point, charter schools have had an opportunity to shine, and they do not make the cut.

Jeb Bush has alot of beliefs and has allowed for other politicians to buy into his concepts. Perhaps it is time to go back to the drawing board and realize that charter schools are public schools with a concept.

The Florida Legislature and the Federal Government need to restructure education that it is designed for all. The class size amendment is more than needed.

The State of Florida needs to allow this for all courses, and quite frankly if I were the parent of a child in a charter school, I would mandate that they follow this law or I will take my child to my local public school. Fewer Students means more opportunities for students.

Finally, I would have assumed that Charter Schools would have been forced to have smaller class sizes to validate their success. This may be a reason they are in the same boat as public education.

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