Friday, May 14, 2010

When will the Politicians learn?

The concept of old fashioned thinking does not create a positive world for the people. Many of the people running for office, or who remain in office uphold very tight old beliefs and are not willing to bend at all.

It may be best for our society if we were able to find people that have the proper skills necessary to run our State and not just the super rich that the parties are willing to put in front of a camera.

The Right Wing Republicans remain the only group of people who cannot fathom how a person would choose to be gay. Eh, I will let biology have a hand in that fight. What about the concept that a loving household is the best place for a child to grow. So option 1 is that a child has no parents and lives in an orphanage. Option 2 is that the child grows up in a divorced home or anger and violence. Option XXXXXX.

Research shows that a child growing up in a nurturing home is the best location, regardless of if it is m/f, m/m or f/f
Grow up Florida, Grow up America - we are meant to be a group of people who respect each other. It starts with the Politicians...and until they start to do right...the rest will not.,0,3135137.column

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