Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Historical view of Change

The idea of human rights as a topic has a different mindset for all people who hear it. The people within the United States often believe that every idea they hold true is held within the constitution. Although this idea does not hold true, it is an important aspect, since the general population also believes that the idea of being democratic is outlined within this same constitution. The ending result is that the founders of America, after the Revolutionary war, wrote a document that can change over time, and allows for a lifestyle that was defined by leadership. Learned people within the United States have been talking about the lack of progress made, or how the founding fathers would be rolling over in their grave if they were to awaken to the world we live in today. Perhaps the learned people that are working so hard to invalidate the founding fathers could begin to view the American system through a systemic lens.

Over the past two hundred and fifty years, the United States has been growing through its own metamorphosis. The law of the land began in this country through the lens of the English Capitalists. Other countries arrived before and after the English, yet at the time, the English were the world and so the Colonies struggled as English. As time moves forward, we, as people, are shown that the human population enhances itself. As this enhancement occurs, so does decision making and the consideration of people around us. When stagnation occurs, people tend to desire change. When aspects of inhumane activity occur, the people who are shown that this activity is occurring may desire to create change. These people are the modern day humanitarians.

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