Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Education: Leave Florida Amendment Alone

In Florida, in the November Election, the State Legislatures will ask you to vote against the class size Amendment
They want to call it the "Right Size" amendment. As a population please learn what the language actually means

  1. Current Law states that High School has 25 Students per class. Middle School is 22 and Elementary is 18
    - Right size wants an average of teacher certifications in the building, with no maximum in the classroom.
    - Every administrator carries a certificate and no students.

    - Every Dean carries a certificate and no students.

This argument continues with a lot more data, yet the above is an example of why you are being lied to. As a teacher, prior to this year, I have taught classes up to 40 people at a time. This equals an average of 25 when added among other certificate based educators on campus.

For the business people that yell constantly that they want better teachers, then why are they not backing teachers who are saying that class size mandate is important.
Adding to this, why are business people not seeing the value of time spent teaching? Consider a presentation you have to make.
When presenting to 5 people you can get a lot across. Add 5 more people and you get most of your presentation to the audience. Lets double that number to 20..and only half your presentation gets heard. How about we double your presentation to 30 people and still only the first 10 learned enough to remember.

As a teacher you make decisions every minute besides presenting. Most business people do not have this same ability. This is the States opportunity to teach the legislature that we want to make our children and education important. Do what is right, and if anyone wants to talk this over, email me and we can talk.

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