Thursday, February 4, 2010

Choices - It is as smile as ?

Negotiations use part of our inner being in order to find a balance. Introductory Psychology shares with us that perception builds inwards from the day we are born. These perceptions are valid as they build upon social stereotypes. Nine years ago, a group of people flew planes into a building. An immediate stereotype was born into the minds of unknown American families. This simple concept was created through selective perception which validated itself over and over. The validation was created by a media frenzy who found a group to blame.

I have often wondered what would have occurred if the media was not involved. Even consider that without the media there would not have been any planes flying into buildings. Research shows us that when we watch television, we have to be emotionally involved in some manner.

People are involved with emotional negotiation all the time. If I enjoy what I am doing, then I will have a desire to do it over and over again. If there is an anxiety toward an action I will do what I can to stop it. The manner in which society frames concepts leads directly to my inner negotiator. If I like it, I buy into it, if I don’t I fight it.
Choices..simple as that

The balance of religion as an agent of control within our modern media based society.

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Philosophy allows a society the opportunity to grow from within a box, and to maneuver out of it with a new concept. Society has for many years offered people the opportunity to accept religion at face value. The modern society we live in today includes a new concept for religion that has not been part of an industrialized society since before the crusades of the dark ages.

Does God Exist? That question still pertains to today, yet the media does not push this agenda as it may hurt modern ratings. The first amendment gives media outlets the power to force change. Wars are publicly held, and when the war is going well the media helps to envelop the strong purpose of it and offer it value. When the war turns toward a different outcome that may alter control, the media changes its stance and calls foul. This is important, since it is the same stance that was taken from the church when they validated the crusades, slavery and world wars. Very little has changed socially, except now instead of just a powerful church to enforce our belief in God, we now have media outlets that use conflict to decide which side of the fence society is to sit on. The partnership between government and religion has been well documented. Although societies and religions differ a great deal from one to the next, the connections between the two are inherently evident and similar in all religions. Because of this intimate relationship between religions and social change, we can conclude that to truly understand one, we must also study the other. (Patrick) Now that there is a third party involved, just how much can the general public comprehend?