Friday, December 3, 2010

Say it is not true..please!

In Response to the article:,0,1575119.story

Rhee - Ousted in DC due to her failing. She was forced out with comments of her methods being draconian. Florida needs an overhaul through teamwork, not through the massive abuse that Rhee has become known for.

Unfortunately, those of us that follow politics and education politics already know that Scott is Jeb Bush part 2. With all due respect to each of them, and the positions they with the teachers.
I have offered myself as have other public school teachers to be part of committees to help. None that I know of have been contacted. Again Mr. Scott, and others, public school teachers are wanting to this time you remain the problem, not the teachers. Work as a team, and don't bring in a person that was already fired for not being able to work as a team member, who has only self interest at heart.

This is a State, not a wealthy community with a few poor people who need a handout. We are rich, poor, middle class and poverty ridden, super rich and lower middle class. You need to consider education for all, not just the rich. You are not Jeb Bush's boy, remember your commercial and where you came from, and please respect teachers and education for what it is...Our FUTURE.