Sunday, January 16, 2011

What of the Future in 2011

I am not a fan of make believe. Most of the time, I am the exact opposite. The reality of our lives is one in which we can hold to be real, and the imagination we hold is the fantasy we often wish we could hold onto.

In the State of Florida, in 2011, it is my opinion that many of our politicians are once again going to go on an adventure that is missing reality.
Knowing me, means you know the passion I have for education, and the balance I believe that education and business holds. Being a leader in both is important, and yet I feel that on the whole, the political system of today does not offer either. In the State of Florida, we have people who claim to be leaders, yet are being led for the sake of money and re-election.
Starting at the top, we have a governor who feels that redistribution of wealth is an important way of explaining appropriate education.
Really? So if you give a voucher to every student and say go where you want…how does this help to balance the standard of education in the State? Adding to this, the monies necessary are still less than 48 of our other States. Do yourself a favor, ignore Jeb Bush or Michelle Rhee..these people are not really revolutionaries, they are educational artifacts.

We have leaders in both the House and Senate that are already saying education needs to deal with the budget cuts. You keep cutting and expect more from the system. This is not the way to advance your State. It is in fact the exact opposite method. Today, in 2011, education needs a complete overhaul. In fact, education needed a drastic change many years ago, yet we do not have a leadership with the ability to do this.

We live in a technological world, and are teaching the same way that we did in 1915. We have students who need to work hard, yet we have parents who want to be nice. We have teachers who want to teach, yet cant because they can't push the students. We have a State legislature that wants results, yet it has no idea how to do it.

It is time to rip apart the whole system, take the best opportunities that a globalized system may offer and bring in true change. Stop blaming and start fixing. I am here to help if you are willing to re-create and re-design a system which is future focused.

Lets talk soon, before you make huge mistakes.

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