Sunday, January 30, 2011

What of the Future

The word education has a different connotation for all who hear it. For some of us, we cringe at the memory of school and what we were forced to do. For others it is a word that means continuing to learn the same thing over and over. For a few people, education means what it is designed to mean, taking the time to learn from someone/something that is able to advance you from where you are now, toward a new you when done.

In Florida, the political landscape is filled with people who have an opinion. This commentary is from one of those people, who too have an opinion. Yet, as I am a teacher who is educated and works tirelessly every day to try and force basic education into the minds of our future, I feel that what I have to say may be a little more on task than those that are not truly involved.

In the United States we have a failure of education. We fail to properly prepare our youth, and our young adults to be ready to move into a profession. The high school landscape works for some, yet for most of the people graduating high school today, they maintain an 8th grade ability level. Community College is now the thing, with our teachers pushing it as the cheaper option. Sure University is hard to get into, and even harder to stay when you arrive, yet if you are ready, then it should be easily manageable. Our foreign counterparts figured it out, why can't we.

Well the answer is simple, we are not being educated. Politicians want to blame teachers. Rich people agree with a privatization model, and the United States sits back and watches it all play out.
Good teachers are hard to find, and yes, some teachers are bad enough we need to remove them. I will say 1 out of 5 teachers need to be fired, yet the same can be said for every single business. Therefore it is not the fault of Unions. School systems need support; perhaps not as much money as they claim, yet they need to know that when students are not handling themselves correctly, they can get help.

Education is a personal issue, which takes a team to achieve. If a person does not want to be educated, that is their choice. The problem with this argument for teenagers is that they want more than they know what they need.
It is time for Education to be unraveled. My plan for dissertation and perhaps the rest of my life will be to draft a true working education plan that is competitive around the world and stops making excuses for all the people who want them.

America is spending too much time being politically correct to realize it has lost the fight for education and is now simply leaving its people out to dry. That is so sad…come on America..let's bring Education to the level it needs to be..#`1

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