Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Teachers receive even less when Governor Scott gets on the Ball.

This commentary is in Response to Governor Scott's comments in regards to educators paying 5% of their pay into their pension.
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Teachers are not private sector employees. We work for a mediocre wage at best, and in return we have a moderate retirement system. Asking teachers to lose 5% of their pay without openly stating that wages will increase year over year (State guaranteed Step system) I feel we are going to see more disgruntled educators in the State. 

Education does not see its profit in $ signs. Out investment arrives years after our students leave. Politicians today may want to balance budgets in this tough time, yet what we do today will have a lasting effect on our population. Taking 5% may be an immediate fix, yet what is the possible result in 20 years. Education is a noble profession, as are police, fire fighters etc. It is time the politicians stepped up to work with the profession, rather than try to re-design a model seeking some other type of financial return.

These comments were also shared with Leslie postal of the Orlando Sentinel

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