Monday, February 7, 2011

With great Power comes – More Power?

Article in Response to Governor Scott's Financial plans,0,1070566.story

Governor Scott has been the responsibility to run our State as professionally as he can, yet at this time he seems more concerned with running our State into the ground.
If we take a close look at the comments that have been made on this day, by the governor himself, he seems to be dismantling government in the area's that Government has a say, and is creating a windfall of money for the Health Care industry.

Perhaps, when running for governor, Scott, purposely left out his plan of profiteering while in the Governor's seat, yet if that is his ultimate goal, he needs a quick lesson in political ethics.
Scott has a large learning curve into his foray of politics, and it the role of the Republican arm of our State Government to keep him in control. What was released today is an embarrassment.

Scott's mother openly shared that he went to school after living through the welfare system, and now, rather than help those in need, he is purposely destroying education. Education is one of the areas that as a State and Country, we need to invest more money, yet in Scott's mind we can rip apart the system and ignore our youth. We can then further remove professionals from the profession and yet our State can still foster growth. Embarrassing!

After Scott has taken care of education, he then feels it is within his control to rip apart social services. In some area's it may be ok to create a system of rules for which Social Services are rendered, yet we sorely need to offer these services to people within our State.
If we are to even consider this budget in any aspect, then our Governor should consider the long term ramifications of his State Destruction carefully. I do not believe there has been a governor removed for abusing their power, yet this has to be a gross misrepresentation of our State Government.

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