Friday, May 20, 2011

Education needs a new Culture

In discussing Education with a few people this week, I have come to realize why the Legislators around the country are blaming the system for being a failure.
There is a concept that Education is a professional career. Yet some of the educators that I have been speaking with spend time being less than professional

Someone has told me that it takes a village to raise a child, yet in the American system of life, the village is ignored in favor of individuation. Students share with me that it is more important to wear any clothes they want, act how they want, and speak how they want, rather than to become the best citizen they can be. This is not professional and this is part of the reason why Education is under attack.

Education never deserved to be degraded in this manner. Culture is part of a nation. The American population looks across continents and shares how smart, intelligent and focused other nations are, yet as a nation the United States does not want to change. Instead, as a nation it shares with its population that the students are not to blame, it's just the teachers. Rather than retool the whole system, as a nation we argue over what can be done for the lower class, and how they are part of the problem. The field of education blames the politicians, and when at all possible, continues to blame rather than accept that change is necessary.

Education needs a complete overhaul. This is nothing new. This has been said for many years, and yet every step toward change happens after five steps backwards. This is not acceptable. The American culture continues to attack education as if it was originally planned to be this way. The founding fathers did not have a guide to public education; therefore the people who are pushing this agenda are not stating a truth.
A culture can only change when the people who are involved in the positions of power are willing to accept that what has been done for X years is wrong. The system of education in the United States is blind to its own failure. I strongly believe that if there is going to be a true evolution toward the 21st century, then Politicians need to ignore the crying of the people, and the educators need to remove their bias of perfection, and they all need to meet in the middle.

President Obama states that he knows education is our future, yet we are not funding it. We are not developing new teachers and or considering the review of a global model. Education needs to be overhauled from the ground up. Education needs to focus on all students and not just on the lower 25%. Education is not how you get votes, it is how we open the mind of people and allow information to fill it.
My next post will include a Research Document I have written about the history of Education.

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