Sunday, January 30, 2011

What of the Future

The word education has a different connotation for all who hear it. For some of us, we cringe at the memory of school and what we were forced to do. For others it is a word that means continuing to learn the same thing over and over. For a few people, education means what it is designed to mean, taking the time to learn from someone/something that is able to advance you from where you are now, toward a new you when done.

In Florida, the political landscape is filled with people who have an opinion. This commentary is from one of those people, who too have an opinion. Yet, as I am a teacher who is educated and works tirelessly every day to try and force basic education into the minds of our future, I feel that what I have to say may be a little more on task than those that are not truly involved.

In the United States we have a failure of education. We fail to properly prepare our youth, and our young adults to be ready to move into a profession. The high school landscape works for some, yet for most of the people graduating high school today, they maintain an 8th grade ability level. Community College is now the thing, with our teachers pushing it as the cheaper option. Sure University is hard to get into, and even harder to stay when you arrive, yet if you are ready, then it should be easily manageable. Our foreign counterparts figured it out, why can't we.

Well the answer is simple, we are not being educated. Politicians want to blame teachers. Rich people agree with a privatization model, and the United States sits back and watches it all play out.
Good teachers are hard to find, and yes, some teachers are bad enough we need to remove them. I will say 1 out of 5 teachers need to be fired, yet the same can be said for every single business. Therefore it is not the fault of Unions. School systems need support; perhaps not as much money as they claim, yet they need to know that when students are not handling themselves correctly, they can get help.

Education is a personal issue, which takes a team to achieve. If a person does not want to be educated, that is their choice. The problem with this argument for teenagers is that they want more than they know what they need.
It is time for Education to be unraveled. My plan for dissertation and perhaps the rest of my life will be to draft a true working education plan that is competitive around the world and stops making excuses for all the people who want them.

America is spending too much time being politically correct to realize it has lost the fight for education and is now simply leaving its people out to dry. That is so sad…come on America..let's bring Education to the level it needs to be..#`1

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Less can be Best if Done right

Many of the people who run for office spend their time running, letting people know that they are going to make change. The passion to make change is a valid truth, yet for all of you that ran with this promise, you give the position of politician a bad name.
Change is something someone can do when they have the ability to do so. Politics is a game in which you are not the only player. The most common error a politician makes is entering the game without knowing what the winner receives. I had an idea of how different the closed doors of Pandora were before I entered my own race, yet even I, who am educated on policy and procedure, have had a 90' learning curve.
Politicians are sometimes caring, kind people who have taken a responsibility to help people. These people rely on the knowledge that others have given to them, until they win and have to sit down to learn the real goings on inside a political home.

It does not matter if you win a local election, county, State or Federal; there is a huge learning curve. We as people focus more on the policy makers at the Federal and State levels, who are the people making some of the biggest decisions. Yet, the truth is, at all levels, there are policies that were in place prior to the persons entering the new position, and the documents needed to show why these policies are in place and are now shown.

The reason I share this with everyone, is that we are almost at a time when the State legislatures starts to meet again, and again many of the same arguments from previous years are going to occur; Education, Pension and of course the dreaded Government employees. The press would have you believe that most of the people in the State of Florida work for the government and are paid excessively. The politicians and governor will have you believe that the State is bankrupt because of the inequities of a failing system…a failing Federal system that they had no hand in. This is not true.

The State of Florida is filled with idealistic politicians that have become part of the problem. As an elected official, it is my responsibility to listen to the, speak to the people, and to become educated by the professionals of each field that I am here to represent. That is my view of the role of a politician. My role is not to get re-elected, and I truly believe that most of today's politicians are out to get re-elected rather than do what is right.

There is a solution to our legislature this year, and that is to find a way to balance a budget and to bring powerful economic development to our State.
Take the time to create State Wide committees for Education, Pension Plans, Government employees and any other big ticket item. Make this a transition year, and allow the State to rebuild.
We elected a Republican governor, and Republican legislature…That means less Government…Do what is right all of you…less Government and more Home Based control.

More to come on all of this next week, with more detail…
See you then

Sunday, January 16, 2011

What of the Future in 2011

I am not a fan of make believe. Most of the time, I am the exact opposite. The reality of our lives is one in which we can hold to be real, and the imagination we hold is the fantasy we often wish we could hold onto.

In the State of Florida, in 2011, it is my opinion that many of our politicians are once again going to go on an adventure that is missing reality.
Knowing me, means you know the passion I have for education, and the balance I believe that education and business holds. Being a leader in both is important, and yet I feel that on the whole, the political system of today does not offer either. In the State of Florida, we have people who claim to be leaders, yet are being led for the sake of money and re-election.
Starting at the top, we have a governor who feels that redistribution of wealth is an important way of explaining appropriate education.
Really? So if you give a voucher to every student and say go where you want…how does this help to balance the standard of education in the State? Adding to this, the monies necessary are still less than 48 of our other States. Do yourself a favor, ignore Jeb Bush or Michelle Rhee..these people are not really revolutionaries, they are educational artifacts.

We have leaders in both the House and Senate that are already saying education needs to deal with the budget cuts. You keep cutting and expect more from the system. This is not the way to advance your State. It is in fact the exact opposite method. Today, in 2011, education needs a complete overhaul. In fact, education needed a drastic change many years ago, yet we do not have a leadership with the ability to do this.

We live in a technological world, and are teaching the same way that we did in 1915. We have students who need to work hard, yet we have parents who want to be nice. We have teachers who want to teach, yet cant because they can't push the students. We have a State legislature that wants results, yet it has no idea how to do it.

It is time to rip apart the whole system, take the best opportunities that a globalized system may offer and bring in true change. Stop blaming and start fixing. I am here to help if you are willing to re-create and re-design a system which is future focused.

Lets talk soon, before you make huge mistakes.