Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Why Education as a focus of my Dissertation

This year has been a roller coaster one for sure when it comes to Education. Although I know why I entered into education, I cannot say for sure how long it is safe for me to remain. Currently, the Status of Public Education within the United States is lacking in comparison to our World Competition. The top 5% of our students compete, yet the remaining students are so far behind.
In Florida, we are spending more time blaming teachers, and facilitating the need for more testing, that we are losing the focus of what is important. Where is the appropriate direction?

Regardless of Elementary, Middle or High School, the #1 cost to the State needs to be education. Shortly after that should be the assistance of our Collegiate System. Over the next year, I will be working to develop my dissertation so that it offers an appropriate model for education as I see it. For now, the proposal is to review the model of Global Standards in the world and how to facilitate those into the American Education System, and then to preview an appropriate system of standardized testing with a modern twist of data mining for direction.

The United States does need a direction for Education that we can take back the prestige of Global Education. WE have lost it due to Political and Business policies that are not working. There are professionals (teachers and administrators) that should be the ones government is turning to, yet they don’t. Therefore, I am going to work as closely as I can with as many professionals as I can to develop the proper model and after that..who knows. Keep listening…as I want more than 5% of our students competing on the World Stage.