Friday, September 23, 2011

Fox News Debate Update 09/22/2011

Last night I had the honor of spending a few hours listening to the GOP candidates debate each other. These people were jockeying for position on the issues that face the American people, and to be very honest, most of them arrived flat. In my opinion, the issues that are being raised are extremely serious, and I continually heard that our biggest issue is President Obama.

Although I am not a huge fan of our President, I do respect him for the position he holds. This is a lonely position and one that the general people need to learn is not what it seems. The GOP candidates, in my opinion need to learn to be more honest with the American People. Obama manage to find his way into office offering HOPE, which he was well aware he could never offer. The candidates that were standing at the podium offered rhetoric and promises, that even they know, they cant keep. This in my mind is a problem.

Watching the candidates discuss the issues, I do believe that the Front Runner for this election is Mitt Romney. He may not be the most educated person on the podium or the funniest, I think this reward goes to Newt Gingrich. Romney was able to share his values, points and perspectives on the issues that were brought up. He may not be the favorite of the Tea Party, yet for the fact we need a true leader who the World can see as a leader, I still believe Romney is the front runner.
He came across to me as a conservative moderate, who understands (for the most part) what it takes to bring humor, respect, honor and intelligence to the office of the President. He is aware of the importance of Social Programs, and openly shared that there is a difference between social programs and socialism. He has also a more advantageous business plan that the other candidates.

As for people who could be vice president, in my opinion I heard many would like Herman Caine or Newt Gingrich as a running mate. I agree with the people I listened to on this issue.

Back to the Issues: In my opinion, something that the Debate showed us well is that the Economy and Healthcare are a serious issue for this country. I disagree with both parties in the idea of healthcare, and I do truly believe that we need a National Health Care system in which every Citizen is given Health Care. We already pay enough in taxes, and in this, I still say we need to offer this to the people. The closest candidate to this is Romney, yet even he noted that the cost of the Insurance is still on the backs of the employee and employer. We pay a hefty amount in taxes and if we were to remove the HMO issues of profit, we can easily cover the cost of healthcare. Obama did not implement health care reform, he pandered to the health care corporations and in the end, is forcing a mandate or fine in order to get people health care coverage. This was not shared, yet what was shared is that there is a problem. No solutions were offered

The Economy is in trouble. The Economy is sick, and America is in trouble. All rhetoric against Obama, yet still no solutions. One comment made by Perry and Reiterated by Romney was that the public sector unions are destroying our country. This is a Republican Tea Party standing and is false. Along the same lines, it was stated that the Public sector is now making more money than the private. This is False. The more I hear this the more I ask for proof. I choose to be a teacher, and with this choice, I choose lower pay, and very little retirement. The Unions have not bankrupted States. The States do this themselves. Are Unions all good, NO. If they are used properly, they use their skills to offer due process, since employers are known to be greedy and prefer elitist control, and would remove an employee for simple disagreement. There is a use for Unions, and they are not to bankrupt anyone. There is a use for Public sector employees, and they do not make millions. This argument needs proof…and until I see true data proof, I remain skeptical of these GOP candidates.
Continuing my issue is that the GOP did not address the issue of keeping companies in the USA. They want tax subsidies, yet how are we to keep companies doing business here. I am awaiting this argument. I heard a lot of comments about cleaning up the tax code and alleviating the stressors of paying tax, yet, to answer a comment Bachman dodged, out of every dollar, lets offer a flat tax. Society does not run without providing the services Government does, and in that, taxes are a necessary ideal. Pick a number and validate it, yet don’t say that a person can keep all their money.

My Final Note of the Debate: The Republicans are far from ready to make a run for this White House and Washington. They may feel that this election is theirs for the taking, yet the current President is an amazing orator..and the educated voter knows, that the best slinger of rhetoric wins. In this debate, I believe Romney came out ahead, and Gingrich made me think. Cain is a survivor and all the rest need to throw in the towel. Those are my thoughts and thank you for listening.