Sunday, November 6, 2011

Continued Attacks on Education do not help

The following comments arrive from the article in the Orlando Sentinel

In this article, the discussion arrives again at the conclusion that an institution is at fault. For the layperson, the continued yelling of failure means that failure must exist. A similar story could be made for the arrogance of politics. For every action, there must be corruption. Within education, the people that are given the power to educate others are considered to be experts within their field. My experience is that many great educators are experts within their field, or at least are close to being an expert. At the collegiate level, theory is taught.

If we consider theory, what we are doing is teaching people a model or models of how to do something. Within my own PHD program, I learned theories of conflict as taught to me by different professors who are experts at their own learned theory. If I am to complete my PHD and choose to deal with conflict, I do so by using all the theory I have been taught, and put it to work through trial and error. The aspect of attending college does not mean we are ready to teach, it means we are filled with the ability to teach. Learning to teach is done by trial and error, and the support of mentor teachers on campus.

The problem that is being felt throughout the field of education: Billionaires who have never taught, politicians who have no skills in education and business owners  who are not 21st century teachers are making decisions upon a field. These people need to step aside, and bring together a national consensus of direction. Rather than look upon educators in a punitive manner, lets review the proper methods for reaching students. If, as a society we want teachers to be 100% ready from day 1 then a miracle needs to occur. Each of the above mentioned people needed to learn how to do their job, and quite frankly, so do teachers.

I believe, that Education (Public/Private/College) needs to go on the attack and stop allowing for other fields to dictate what is being done. Share with education what you need to create a better environment for your specific field of business, yet stop dictating. Theory and Experience go hand in hand…