Thursday, December 22, 2011

Seminole school leaders blast tax-credit scholarships

The State Legislature is currently in the back pocket of for profit education. Government Funded For Profit Education Centers are the direction the Legislature is aiming for. This means that if you have an experienced educator who asks for more money, you fire them. They cost too much.
If there is a cost to accountability, it is not done, as it takes away profit. People deciding the fate of education without any experience in the field is the same as lawyers making medical decisions for doctors. It is a ridiculous guise to advance the careers of several legislators.

Further response to the article: These scholarships will continue, under the guise of lower level students, the private and very soon charter schools will grow. This is the direction that the State of Florida is taking and unless the people stand against it, very little difference will occur. The travesty is that the people still believe that this is being done due to the failure of our schools. The other side of the coin is that the more money taken away from the local school toward a private one, the lower the standards will be at the public school. Its a government ponzi scheme and the public allow it to happen

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Monday, December 19, 2011

We do need Higher Standards

To the People who don't understand Education. You don't learn just by listening to a teacher. You learn through a society and a culture teaching you, and reteaching over and over again. This society has moved toward a teacher can do it all. Very bad idea.
The embarassment in the posts so far is that the people making the negative statements are doing so due to their own ignorance of an actual system
The negative stigma of Unions has arrived thanks to Big Business who want to be in full control, just as they did in the 1700's. The FCAT is a measure which hurts from 3rd grade onwards, not just 10th grade, and once you are labelled as At-Risk, you remain with this label through school. This means you are given alot of special treatment and without the resources to evaluate you over and over, and have your family/culture help you develop, you tend to remain at the bottom.
Consider yourself now, and consider yourself if you had been told you are no good since 3rd grade. Mentally, it would be a huge detriment.
This FCAT may be needed, and I agree we need higher standards. Yet we need to implement properly, and we need to do so as a society and stop blaming groups for the wrong doing of society.
If we want to develop a future of education, the standards need to be higher, not just punitive. Start this at home, and finish it in the classroom at school, not the other way around. – Article posted on Orlando Sentinel “New FCAT scoring will mean 'blood on the table'”