Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Politicians and Parents in the Classroom

The following comments arrive from the arguments that Parents and Politics belong in the classroom

In Florida, we can see that there is a push to allow for parents to mandate what their students are learning within a classroom. The need for this change is said to be because there are so many bad teachers that the State needs parents to be more involved. The idea on paper makes some sense. If a teacher is not working with their students, then a parent should certainly have the right to complain and or find a manner to get that teacher working or removed. This would be the professionalism clause of working as a teacher.

Politicians work desperately hard to make a difference. There is absolutely no truth in sharing that politicians don’t work hard. Well, there be a lot of untruth in that comment, yet if politicians think they work hard, then they should realize that teachers tend to work that much harder to stay ahead of the curve. I will always state that there are some teachers who fall behind or just don’t try hard enough, yet, with that in mind, there are politicians that do the same. Therefore, I say that if the people that want to make this concept legitimate, then the people should be allowed to remove any politician who has a polling less than 50%. At the end of each session, each politician gets a survey, and if the people say these people did a poor job, then they are removed and a private company arrives to take on that role until a new person can be elected.

Within the classroom, parents have a role of providing an enriched environment for their child. This means that when the child comes to class they are dressed, fed, have their homework complete and respect the teacher. If that is not the case, then the parent is not providing what they need to. Within the classroom there is a lot that is needed to be done…..and quite frankly….we do not need more private schools taking public money. The goal of this bill is to create more charter schools and that continues the embarrassment of where politicians want to take education. Privatizing an environment for the benefit of a corporate entity is legitimate in the business world. This is not a viable option in the public or human sector world. 

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