Sunday, February 26, 2012

Florida’s new Grading System–Punitive once again

The following are my comments from the following article -

Accountability is only fair when the process is made available and then tested prior to initiation. This is simple a way to admonish schools that are doing well in order to pay for charters by saying public schools are failing.

Yes, there are plenty of kids that fail (can't read or do math) and the teachers pass them. The public does not ask why..they simply accept. If the public wants the truth, look at the State. They want every student with others, not left behind. The FCAT has been dumbed down each year in order to develop the same NCLB criteria.

I am all for accountability at every level. 1 Nationalised test in every grade level 3-12. That is my goal and hope for this country when the dust settles on the testing and accountability argument. Until we have an equal playing field for all people we cannot get a true measure of any City, County, State or Nation. As for what I believe this test should measure; this test measures a students abilities and guides the life of the student. If absolute failure to read or write, then the student is held back. If weak in a few areas can be tracked into classes to help in this area. Yes, I believe tracking is a positive guide to the development of students, teachers, coursework and curriculum.
For the students that are passing every area, we assess a harder curricullum to compete on the global scale. Through the above tracking we can know how hard to push and still allow for a life outside of school.

And most important, Public, Charter and Private schools are all held to the same standard. Therefore the complaints are on an even playing field. Until this is all done, every grading system is punitive.

Finally, without parental involvement, advancement is very difficult. Therefore all arguments are null if there is 0 parent involvement.

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