Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Irresponsible Politicians–Equates Unequal Loss

In the private sector, when a company runs out of money they close the doors. This means that the product they are selling is not longer wanted and therefore their service is no longer desired. Simple enough model. Either you evolve or you die from the laws of Adam Smith who shared in the system of balance.
This makes perfect sense. I love it. The problem with this model is that I am selling a product I am not developing one.

Enter the field of Research and Development. This department is one of the most costly to most corporations. In fact, in many of the R&D departments, when these people run out of financial capital the product starts to fail. The company runs out very quickly to get them money in order to keep the wheels turning.  This is a system of borrowing for which the outcome is often a product that is able to be sold. What I am explaining is not a true R&D department, rather a department called Education. The system of education has come under attack from many of our State and Federal politicians who have no idea what the role of education actually is.

For this commentary, we need to understand, that education is not the location to create a perfect item. It is an ever going process of development in which the United States of America is developing students with the lowest common denominator as its primary goal. I would like to believe that the system has been designed to develop the highest achievers above all else and then let the trickle down concept work, yet, as any educator will share with you, education is now more focused on the bottom than it is the top. The problem with this model is that it does not create a system of improvement, rather a system of mediocrity, in which the politicians are now being held accountable and they have no idea how to fix the problem.

With this in mind, the political arena has realized that there is a problem, which they created, and now want others to clean up their mess. They started by blaming teachers and have continued now to blaming administrators. They blame the monies these people make, and state that they are not professionals. They attack the skills and abilities of the profession in order to save their own errors. I have written in the past about the Privatization of schools and this is being done by further hiding the problem behind Charter schools. Now, in order to facilitate this error even further, the private Charter School is going to be handled with more taxpayer monies. This problem will continue over and over since we are not going back to the root of the problem: Government Ineptitude.

The aspect of human development is always changing, and when we seek out why our competition (Foreign Nations) they respect the profession of education, pay more accordingly to the skills and understand that they are developing people rather than setting up the lowest common denominator for further failure. The American Education Model has become a declining model in which testing continues as if we have one product to maintain, and further destroyed through the defunding of necessary programs. Unfunded mandates  are the bane of destruction in which the politicians continue to facilitate.

It is time that the political environment realizes what they are doing to the Development of the American Human Being. We have helped to create a negative system in which the responsibility of parenting and community support are removed, the political scope has removed the respect of the profession and now teachers are being monitored in the same vein as students through a  scalable matrix.

Change is now necessary toward a more respectable aspect of the teaching profession. The Politicians need to step aside from their arrogance and start to realize that America the Super Power is about to fall because of their errors, and how they have helped to create a system of inferiority. Be the politician you need to be and responsible for the people you represent…all of the People.

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