Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Judge strikes down state merit pay rules as 'invalid'

Today there was a victory for education in the State of Florida. I realize that many of the Florida Republicans feel that public school system has been given a free pass for a period of time prior to their arrival in Tallahassee. Respectfully, you went too far in trying to create a Corporate Model for education that is not designed to work. The passion that is shown to try and help alleviate the problems of education is extremely appreciated, yet you should be working with professional educators to facilitate the change and to stop working with Private Groups who have a goal of profiteering. This ruling states what teachers already know..merit is not for the world of education. I respectfully ask each of the Legislators to put their heads together now, develop an educational caucus of State Teachers and use the information from these people to learn how to create a better educational system. Use this opportunity to remove the words Merit Pay from your vocabulary and develop a fair market pay scale for teachers utilizing accurate data. Make the teachers State Employees and treat them as professional. Use the successful European models and lets teach the other States in America how to do it right.

That’s my 2c, thanks for listening,0,1384356.story

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