Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Comments to Dean Cannon

In Response to Article in Orlando Sentinel
Dean Cannon: Measuring students' progress critical to education's success

“Florida received some good news recently. Education Week reports that Florida's African-American and Hispanic students are more likely to graduate from high school than their peers in other states.

The 2012 "Diplomas Count" report compared Florida to the rest of the nation and found that our Hispanic graduates beat the national graduation-rate average by 10 percentage points. African-American students exceed the average by 3.5 points. In fact, Florida places third in the nation for the largest increases in graduation rates of all students over the past 10 years, jumping from 52.5 percent in 1999 to 70.4 percent a decade later, in 2009”.

Attention Mr. Dean Cannon.

We did all of the above by lowering the standards to say we are worthy. I will gladly ask you to sit with me and go through how education has changed in the past 12 years to make sure that access is more open (not a bad thing) and that teachers are to teach to the lowest denominator not the highest.

There are many ways to alter data for our best conclusion, and respectfully this is what we have done. Florida is an amazing State, yet we need a national test to compare where we are. We also need a national measure to see drop-out rate vs actual graduation rate and we need national comparitive data to see college readiness. Keeping everything in home is, in my opinion called inbreeding.

I offer you an invitation to sit and listen before you write your next article